Audio Engineering

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Engineering Highlights:

2009 Highlights…

Donna Adler – Album Project. Another album for Chicago artist Donna Adler.

The Nashville Potato Guns – Album Project. Smokin’ voilent jazz! Tracked, mixed and mastered.

(secret until release date) – Musicians include Tommy Emmanuel, Elvis Costello, Stuart Duncan, Andy Leftwich, Charlie Chadwick, Bob Mater, Jeff Taylor, Rob Ickes, and Richard Smith.


2008 Highlights…

James Brown – Analog Transfer. Transferred an old James Brown master that Nashville engineer Stack had in his closet.

John Hartford – Analog Transfers. Transferred many 8, 16, and 24 track John Hartford recordings, much of them from the Aeroplane sessions.

Del McCoury Band – Analog Transfers. Transferred 16 track analog recordings to Pro Tools for use on upcoming 50 year box set. 3 of the recordings made the box set.

Taylor Swift – Advertising Spot. Engineered Taylor for a Circuit City ad campaign for Varitalk out of Chicago.

Kandace Springs – Song Demos. Engineered demo session using only Brandt Previs microphones.

True North – Album Project. Tracked and mixed cd for Kansas band True North. Andy Leftwich filled in on fiddle for 2 songs. Produced by Jeff Brock.

The Electric Experiment – Album Project. Mixed and mastered Christian Grizzard’s latest release, A New Reality.

Rollo Greb – Album Mastering. Mastered cd release for Murfreesboro rock band Rollo Greb.

Mike Acton – Song Project. Recorded parody to Kokomo.

Ben Smith – Album Project. Tracked and mixed album for Atlanta country artist Ben Smith. Featured players were Dave Webb, Joe Spivey and Robbie Turner.

Adrienne Young and Oliver Craven – Private Party. Setup live sound for a private party gig at Creative Caffeine.

Eric Heatherly – Album Project. Tracked, mixed, and mastered Unforgettable, which was featured on Greys Anatomy. Later in the year tracked 4 additional tracks to be featured on Eric’s upcoming release.

Roadmark – Album Project. Tracked drums and bass for the rock band Roadmark.

Chris Gantry – Song Demos. Chris always has killer songs.. we demoed 2 of them this year.

Mark Evans – Album Project. NY artist Mark Evans came down and tracked multiple songs for upcoming album.


2007 Highlights

Beta Monkey Music – Drum Sample CD. Cut cd of country style drum loops titled “Country Brushes: The Nashville Sessions.” The company misrepresented it’s intentions and ripped drummer Dave Lawbaugh off in the end.

Davey T. Hamiliton – Album Project. Cut 4 songs for upcoming releases. Stuart Duncan and Bruce Bouton added a great deal to the tracks.

Travail – Album Project. Tracked, mixed and mastered cd for metal band Travail.

Kandace Springs – Song Demos. Recorded a few piano/vocal demos with Nashville jazz artist Kandace Springs.

Russ Chapman – Album Project. Fun acoustic project recorded live with Russ on guitar/vocals, Andy Leftwich on mandolin/fiddle, and Shad Cobb on fiddle/banjo.

Adam Fears – Album Project. Texas styled country album produced by Shane Theriot and features Luke Bulla on fiddle.


2006 Highlights…

Chris Gantry – Album Project. This was a comedy album produced by the legendary Charlie McCoy.

Adam Fears – Song Demos. Very promising singer here and great songs. Andy Leftwich covered the fiddle duties for these tracks.

The Turntables – Song Demos. Personal project with Kyle Cornett and Pele… Very Steely Dan esque music. This is an extremely fun project to be involved with. Good friend Clint Paris of Secret Gossip covers piano, organs, and clav, while other players like Jim Hoke have recorded horn sections and Pat Bergeson played guitar..

Hues – Motion Picture Soundtrack. Soundtrack recording for indy film Hues. 12 songs for this film were tracked and mixed by me… the film premeires June 16 in Little Rock, AK and will be seen at film festivals throughout the year. Primary songwriter/artist Jordan Atwater.

Donna Adler – Ablum Project. I tracked and mixed this project, which we will complete in late June ’06. I was also responsible for booking all musicians including Dave Lawbaugh, Andy Leftwich, Craig Nelson, Jerry Kimbrough, Matthew Burgess, Jack Jezzro, Michael Z, Bryn Davies and Larry Hall.

TN Lottery – Advertising Spot. This commercial premiered during the Superbowl. Gary Pigg sang lead and Jaimee Paul, Lici Brown, and Jeff Brock stacked harmonies sang into one mic to simulate a church choir… it turned out great! Gish Sherwood Advertising won an Addy for this spot.


2005 Highlights…

CMT 100 Greatest Duets. CMT needed some music for their new show and wanted a piece where the instruments are acting like a “duet” trading lines and such. I engineered the fiddle and Guitar overdubs (Andy Leftwich and Paul Brannon) to a track we had already produced and they ended up making that the theme music for the series, as well as the live concert. Also playing on the track was Dave Lawbaugh, Dave Pomeroy, Bruce Bouton and Jerry Kimbrough.

Bob Dorschuck – Solo Piano CD. Local piano player Dorschuck came in and laid down piano tracks faster than I’ve ever seen. Only 3 songs on this project had vocals.. but he got some great friends to sing with him… Annie Sellick, Stacey Merrill, and Benita Hill. All tracks were recorded without punches or overdubs.

Nick Sharp Will See – Album Project. Will See is an accomplished rapper out of Murfreesboro who got sick of waiting around for people to make him beats, so he began playing acoustic guitar and rapping / singing over that. Nick Sharp joined him and we recorded a primarily live album, which sounds incredibly real and sincere. There are some great songs on this cd!

Secret Gossip – Album Project. I tracked, mixed, and mastered. These guys are a lot of fun, we had a blast recording this cd. Highlights on this record were 100% authentic keyboards… real leslie organ, real clav, real rhodes, piano, and Wurlitzer. Not a sample was used on this entire recording

Biff Kittii – Album Project. This is actually still in progress, but we’ve recorded drums and bass for this album over the past year or so. Shawn Fichter and John Billings laid down incredible drums and bass tracks and Biff recorded the guitars at his house. We’ve had local jazz singer Jaimee Paul in to handle vocal duties… and I must say, she is simply astonishing!